1,2,3… June

1,2,3… June

It seems that the month of June has been great so far except the scorching temperatures, but that was to be expected. We decided to share with you some photos that depict our summer highlights so far. They include cactus blossoms, eating rhubarb for the first time ever, reading classic novels in e-book format, visiting a lovely place and meeting someone whom we admire a lot, celebrating birthdays (lots of Gemini family members& friends) and of course, adding things to our summer essentials. And what is more, we had a couple of amazing collaborations with two of our lovely blogger friends.


Thomas Morgenstern, the super talented (and friendly) Austrian athlete, one of the best ski jumpers in the world. Yeah, if you didn’t know, we are HUGE ski jumping fans and the opportunity to watch a live competition, in OUR country, was beyond anything we ever dreamed of.

Tons of H&M items (no surprise here) and some DIYs. Can you guess which ones are mine and which ones belong to Eve?

Photo from Oliviana’s gorgeous graduate collection, click HERE to see more photos & details.


Cinemagraph for Denisa‘s new project, a luxurious handcrafted bag boutique, KORE. Definitely check it out.
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  1. Anaivilo

    AAAa, you bought that little cute cute top! 😀 Can’t wait to see you wearing it, and the minty shoes are Eve’s for sure! You know whom I miss? Your chameleon! I want to see more of him 😀

    1. The Hearabouts

      Oh, didn’t you know? My chameleon turned out to be a girl, and she kept on laying eggs and that made her very very weak and then, well.. the worst thing happened 🙁 . That’s why she hasn’t been around on the blog :(.

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