My Christmas outfit

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


As I promised you, here are some photos of the outfit I wore for Christmas lunch with my family. It was such a bright and sunny day..and I loved it. I've always said I'd like to see how Christmas feels in Australia :))
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I was wearing: a Zara cardigan, Asos skirt and bow, New Look booties, random bag, BuyHand collar tips that I absolutely adore and I definitely want more :D (lovely Christmas gift). I know I'm very matchy-matchy...even my hair is dyed in a burgundy shade :))

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  1. Adorable outfit! I love how the sweater has hearts for pockets! And of course, your hair matches perfectly!


  2. ah! love your nails! so cute and festive:)

  3. Those boots are so yummy! I simply adore them and the outfit is very Christmassy! :D Love it ;) Hope you had a lovely day :D

  4. Lasa ca e bine matchy matchy, e cute:D Si ce botineeee:X:X:X

  5. You look awesome in your Christmas outfit. I love the pretty cardigan and cute top you paired with it.

  6. Fabulous :)
    I like your bag so much <3
    follow each other?


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