2012 Summer Holiday – Karlobag & Senj

2012 Summer Holiday – Karlobag & Senj


The day we visited Karlobag and Senj was one of the highlights of the trip. First of all, it was the astonishing view of the Adriatic Sea, right after crossing the mountains, the overwhelming experience of the changing landscape (and climate), forests on the north side and Mediterranean scenery on the south side, all in about 20 km. On arriving to our beach destination I was happy to find a fig tree and eat a few delicious figs (the ripe ones were higher in the tree). Then it was the water.. the clearest and most beautiful I’ve ever seen, considering I had previously swum in the Black Sea only. I even took some underwater shots Β and I think I’ll upload them for a future post.



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The best sea food I’ve ever eaten πŸ™‚


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