5 Years of Magical Thinking

5 Years of Magical Thinking

It is that time again, when we look back and celebrate yet another year of magic and wonder. It’s been 5 years now since we started our online journey and posted our first article on the blog.

We sometimes get nostalgic looking back at those times, when we were just a handful of blogger girls, all knowing each other and being truly passionate about what we were doing. Since then, technology has evolved, times have changed and the underground became mainstream. Unfortunately, things are not done out of pure passion anymore, but with clear goals in mind and in most cases with an already tested recipe for success. We do miss those early times, when originality was a religion, when everyone had their own special thing going on and still respected and acknowledged the others.

Another year has passed and, in spite of all the hard work and devotion we put in every post, we must admit that we can’t manage to make a living out of it. Sorry for bursting your bubble, but without a pre-established minimum monthly income, we can’t believe one can realistically live only from (fashion) blogging, here in Romania – with very few exceptions, of course. Maybe we haven’t discovered the magic formula yet, but considering that most of the brands offer reimbursement in products and others pay after several months, it’d be difficult to even pay your bills.

All our lives we felt like underdogs and we still do, but growing up makes you see things in a different light and you know what? That’s ok.  So, if you are still supporting us after all this time, we’d like to thank you from our hearts. Without your small gestures and kind words, The Hearabouts wouldn’t exist. So please bear with us, this ride might get bumpy, but it’s still going strong.





Lots and lots of thanks to Laura for the photos

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  1. Dorina

    Cat de frumos ati scris! Si foarte adevarat! Si eu simt la fel, dar sper totusi sa se schimbe lucrurile in viitorul apropiat. Sunt mai visatoare de felul meu, asa ca nu imi pierd speranta usor 🙂

    La multi ani blogului vostru, la cat mai multe proiecte frumoase si mult succes si fie ca (tot sunt la moda urarile cu “fie ca” 🙂 intr-o zi (cat mai apropiata sper) sa reusiti sa traiti doar din blogging 🙂
    Va pup! :*


  2. Oteea

    Happy anniversary, sweet girls! You’re beautiful and I love you & your wonderful blog, I always will! I still believe it deserves all the success in the world but I guess it has too much heart in to it to appeal to just everyone, only the special ones can see & understand its magic ^_^

    I agree with every word you said, I also miss the times when blogging was less about brands & branding, and IG photos with thousands of likes, and when you could actually catch a glimpse into someone’s world without it all having to be made to look glamorous 🙂

    Lots of hugs, XO

    1. The Hearabouts

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for always supporting us. It really really means a lot to know that the people who read our blog may not be that many, but they totally understand us and what we are trying to do.

      We know that times change and it’s not always easy to keep up, but we’re sure you know it’s in our nature to be nostalgic and we can’t help ourselves to look back to the beginnings.

      Lots of hugs to you & thanks once again!

  3. Diana

    Foarte frumos si adevarat tot ce ati scris! Ma bucur ca mai sunt bloguri unde se scrie din pasiune si chiar daca nu las intotdeauna cateva cuvinte, imi place sa va citesc, imi plac pozele si articolele voastre, sunteti mature si frumoase <3
    Nici eu nu cred ca ai putea castiga din blogging, asta doar daca ai avea ajutor de undeva si ai face tot posibilul pentru castig si nu din pasiune… si eu am un blogulet de mai mult de doi ani, dar nu m-am gandit vreodata ca as putea trai din el si nici nu l-am deschis cu gandul asta… am un job si blogul e o pasiune frumoasa 🙂
    Multi ani frumosi va doresc si zile senine impreuna atat pe blog, cat si in viata personala, de bune prietene!! :*

    1. The Hearabouts

      Iti multumim foarte mult pentru cuvintele frumoase, Diana. Ne bucuram si noi ca ne citesti cu placere blogul.

      Asta este, timpurile se schimba si lucrurile nu pot stagna, chiar daca ne-am dori asta uneori. Insa ne place sa stim ca mai exista, totusi, si persoane care fac blogging din pasiune.

      Multumim mult inca o data! :*

  4. Julie

    Happy anniversary, girls! You are amazing and your blog is one of my favorite ones! I remember when I first discovered this world of blogging and I used to check your blog everyday to see if there’s a new post! I was fascinated by it and I still read every post and admire your beautiful, inspiring and unique photos!

    I guess if you want to live out of a blog, you have to dedicate your entire life to it and I don’t think it’s worth it but that’s just my opinion!

    I encourage you to keep doing what you love because this blog is a breath of fresh, magical air! <3

  5. Mamalina

    You girls are an inspiration and I totally get what you’re saying… Still, I wish you many beautiful years ahead, you’re super talented and creative and there’s no way this won’t pay off at some point… I really admire your work, I’ve said it before! Besides having a flawless sense of style, you’re super smart and it’s always such a pleasure seeing your amazing photography!

    Many hugs!



    1. The Hearabouts

      Thank you sososo much, Mamalina!

       That’s what we always say: putting a bit of magic and passion in everything you do always pays off. It already has, actually. We’ve learned a lot and made friends and we like to think we made a change, even if it’s not easily visible. We’re definitely grateful for this journey and for where it has brought us.

      Lots of hugs to you & thanks for the support.

  6. Jamie Rose

    Congratulations on 5 years of your blog! I always enjoy seeing your pictures and pretty outfits. Even though you can’t make a living off blogging, I hope it still continues to make you happy and be a great creative outlet in the future!

    1. The Hearabouts

      Thank you so much for the support, it means a lot! Indeed, we’ll continue to do this as long as it makes us happy. It started and will continue as a creative outlet.

      Thanks again for all your comments, we always appreciate them 🙂

  7. Anaivilo

    Happy Anniversary girls!!! Don’t ever give up! In a way, our blogs grew up together because we both started 5 years ago and I myself had my doubts and my troubles but hey..it’s still fun and if I were to give it up, I know I will miss it terribly.

    I hope our blogs and our friendship will live on, even though we are at distance 😀


  8. daria

    Yours is still one of my fav blogs and it’s probably because you’re still true to yourselves and doing things like “in the olden days”: with passion, originality and always great content. Happy anniversary! 

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