60s Fall Fashion Trends

60s Fall Fashion Trends

Bringing back the glamour of a glorious decade

Ahh, the 60s – a swirling contrast of conservatism and progressivism all in itself, this decade remains to be one of the most memorable and most radical to date. It was a time to release all the pent up pressures from the stuffy 1950s, and the fashion industry saw most of this take effect. While the decade has been largely forgotten and commemorated only in “retro fashion shows”, it seems that 60s culture is now coming back in style.

Even bingo, the popular pastime of the decade, has been resurrected. Games like Rebel Bingo have added a much-needed adventurous twist to the classic game, and the internet has transformed bingo into a $557-million industry in the U.K. Gaming Realms, the company that won “Best Boutique Bingo Site” for Iceland Bingo two years in a row, has said that the added social functionality of bingo has been the key to its success – a fact that the BBC agrees with.

There seems to be a lot that today’s fashionista can relate to when it comes to the fashion of the 60s, and designers have been quick to take notice. This year’s Fall Fashion trends have revolved around the fashion of the 60s, with the world’s best designers all focusing on bringing back some of the biggest trends, albeit with a more futuristic sense. Here are some of the best things to invest in if you want to get in on the Swinging 60s Trend:

1. 60s Mini Dresses


Nice and easy to pull off, 60s dresses are the answer to every girl’s dream for a go-to outfit. Easily pair them with knee-length boots and cardigans, and you’ve got a great outfit that can transition from day to night.

2. Gold


The 60s were a time of heavy accessorizing, and this is seen in the recent revival of the decade. Large, shiny accessories that draw attention are in fashion, and metallic tops and bags are all the rage.

3. Miniskirts

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It’s often been said that the people of the 60s wore some of the shortest outfits known to man, and the current trend of miniskirts stands as proof of this. Wear skirts and dresses that stop mid-thigh, and accessorize with knee-length boots or pointed toe flats and structured jackets.

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