7 things.. & current obsessions

7 things.. & current obsessions

Since everyone already did this, I though I’d jump the wagon as well. As Eve already mentioned, we’ve been nominated by Mona from Boheme Fille  for the stylish blogger award. Thank you very much.

Here I go:
1. I have a life-long dream of visiting Japan and I won’t find rest until I do. I’ve even started learning japanese once. Maybe I will continue, because I really really love the language.
2. My most listened-to music album of all time is In Love and Death by The Used. Still love it.
3. I only watch 5 channels on TV: FashionTV, FLN, Viasat History, Discovery Travel & Living and E! Entertainment. Really.
4. When I was little I went to karate classes for 4 years.
5. My greatest fashion frustration is that i can’t really wear high heels because of my height. It just doesn’t feel right. And flats will never ever be as beautiful as a pair of high-heeled shoes.

6. I’m not afraid of reptiles, spiders or bugs. I actually find them cute (pictured above is Mr. Kornell♥, the prettiest of them all). But I am absolutely horrified by worms and larvae.
7. 2-3 years ago I used to go to gigs almost every week (Eve mentioned this, too – we consider it one of our most important achievements :)) ). The coolest memory is from Paris, when I went to a gig that took place @ Péniche Alternat, which is actually a barge on the Seine.

And now to present you my newest fashion obsessions:

Aaaand, only 9 days till my b-day :D. Unfortunately, it’s during exam period..again. So no party until I’m done with exams. Anyway, on a positive note, I already got some gifts that I can’t wait to show you guys.  I’ll post the pictures soon.

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  1. Andreea

    Ce mi-ar place sa putem face schimb si sa fiu eu inalta ca tine iar tu sa poti purta tocuri inalte in timp ce eu balerini8->8->8-> Ehe….vise:))

    Very prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy in prima poza:*

  2. Laura Tenshi

    I tried to study Japanese too through audio lessons, I was getting quite good at it :)) It’s a language that needs to be practiced a lot and unless you study it in school, you can’t really do it on your own.
    I hope we can both learn it someday.
    I think you can wear high heels despite your height, look at Andy from Style scrapbook for example.
    P.S. Love the first picture and the chameleon. I wouldn’t have one as a pet though..too scary.

  3. Alice in vintageland

    Get out of my mind!!!!:)))) 1 and 5 are super true for me too. I also have huge obsession for maxi see trough skirts, animal print glasses and galaxy print. Mr. Kornell is beautiful and I just adore the first picture, you look stunning.

  4. Anaivilo

    I am amazed by Mr. Kornell’s colors! 😐 He is absolutely beautiful! Please post him more often so I can see more of his colors 😀 He really is an inspiration for prints. And he is cute 😀 You’ve been to Paris..oh I’m envious. You still go to gigs? Are you interested in Bon Jovi? :->
    And yes… Japanese is a beautiful language, I watch anime a lot and I learn a few from there.

  5. Faboulista

    i had a feeling you are super tall cause i always see u in lower heels. let me tell u that u should treaure your height. heels are uncomfy and most of us short people only wear them becase we look like midgets. i always say that if i was taller, heels would be non existent in my closet.

  6. The Hearabouts

    @ Andreea & Mina: It’s true, everyone wants what they cannot have. It’s not like i don’t like my height, I just sometimes wish I was 7 cm shorter, so I could wear higher heels :P.

    @sacramento: Thanks. I can’t wait to post them.

    @Alice: Thought so about 5, but had no clue about 1. Yes, I won’t rest until I find a (semi)transparent maxi, I tell you.

  7. Laura Tenshi

    Andy are 181 cm. Si poarta tocuri de 15 cm cateodata, iti dai seama ca e super inalta. Dar a spus ca a invatat de-a lungul timpului sa ignore problema asta. Eu personal nu suport tocurile, they are annoying and I always get blisters after I wear high heeled shoes. Asa ca, I don’t see the hype around them.
    A, e foarte bine ca ati studiat la facultate, cu un profesor specializat e mult mai usor, acum banuiesc ca un meditator ar fi singura solutie sa continuati studiile.
    Hugs ^ – ^

  8. Rocs

    I also dream of visiting Japan… and right now i’m heading to my Japanese classes 😛
    But over Japan, I love only one other country – China… and to keep up with the coincidences, I have just written a(nother) post on my blog about it 🙂
    Oh, and I DO hate reptiles and spiders, I do, I do, I doooo!!!!

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