A sunny December day

A sunny December day


Sunny days always manage to put a smile on my face (which turns into a grin during winter days that feel like spring :P). So I took advantage of the bright day (and happy mood), put on some cute clothes and went out to play.



I just couldn’t wait to wear my self-made pearl collar once I finished it..I adore it!
 It seems like I’m wearing all my favourite winter trends at once: fur, velvet, collars, metallics..I really love these shiny tights, they look amazing in the sunlight!
Although it might appear otherwise, I’m in a very festive mood: I’ve just decorated my windows with star-shaped Christmas lights, I’m drinking marzipan-flavoured tea (you have to try it if you’re an almond lover like me) and I’m reading fantasy novels (by Neil Gaiman). And I’m dreaming of presents (high-heeled shoes and colorful lomo cameras).
Are you feeling the holiday spirit?
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  1. a dreamer.

    you know that the first picture actually looks like old fancy ladies picture albums, right?
    i mean.. gorgeous.
    i also wish for so many things, but i don’t know if Santa’s that ready this year, unfortunately.
    i do hope yours will be, i’m sure it will.

    a dreamer

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