A Tale of Winter

A Tale of Winter

 My little frozen fairytale took place in Cluj, a month ago (it was technically still autumn, but the temperature was many degrees below freezing point). I was in town for a day more or less, but I felt absolutely wonderful and I wish I could have stayed more.

Although it was extremely cold, me and my bf managed to walk around a little and take some photos. We came across the cutest little decoration shop, Happy Decor Boutique, and did some early Christmas gift shopping . They had SO many beautiful things that it took me an eternity to decide what to get :))
 The fog and  white frost created mesmerizing effects around the quiet, sleepy city. I was fascinated and well..ecstatic, like a kid in a candy shop. I was taken aback at the sight of this frozen apple tree that looked almost surreal, reminding me of a Nina Ricci perfume commercial. Too bad I wasn’t able to reach it, as  there was a fence separating us 🙁
And don’t these pics remind you of scenes from a Haruki Murakami novel?
Hope you enjoyed my story 🙂
Are you ready for Christmas?

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  1. Diana

    oh my gosh…soo beautiful! Cluj is for sure along with Sibiu one of my favorites city in Romania.
    Haruki Murakami all the way! beautiful again and again!

    Merry Christmas !!!

  2. kittenhood

    whaaat? pictures of the places I go by every day, including a shop I sell accessories in? That’s a surprise! I wish we could’ve had a meet-up – the pics are great and it’s inspiring to see the city from someone else’s pov!
    happy holidays!

  3. a dreamer.

    ah, makes me faint and land in a heartbeat over there. i’ve said these days i have to get again to Cluj, i hope things come out positive in this way.
    i also want to get to be ubercharmed by the wonders that Happy Boutique offers!
    concerning my santalist, i remember the time i watched your wishlist as you posted it back days ago and after seeing your diana gold wish i remembered my old wish for the dreamer diana, so i also hope you get to make all your wishes come true!

    a dreamer

  4. Andreea

    Esti buna de mancat in poza aia cu haina galbena pe fundal roz. Ma duce cu gandul la inghetata:X Of, oare o sa ajung si eu sa vad Clujul in viata asta?:)) Arata tare bine din ce vad aici! <3

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