A touch of pink

A touch of pink

No. My crazy hair colour isn’t going to stop me from wearing neon shades this spring. Although I guess no fluo yellow for me anytime soon πŸ™
The shirt is the newest addition to my sheer blouse collection (I sense an obsession here). I’d love to have one in every colour just because i like how they feel against the skin.



Atmosphere sheer blouse, Next boots, F&F bag. The earrings are DIY (I’ve been dying to make a pair like this and I’m sure I’ll make them in other colours as well.). What do you think about tassels as accessories?
P.S: What are your spring ’11 fashion obsessions? Ok, pick just one πŸ˜€
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  1. sacramento

    Thank you for following me. It is not a matter of how many, but who?. I am trully honoured.
    Loving your pink shirt, and inspired by your delish earrings, boots, and bag, ahhhhhhhhhhh
    Much love and s superb Weekend.

  2. Andreea

    Definitely colors/color blocking:D
    Love your hair, that shade of red looks awesome on you, very bold:D
    I have an obsession for sheer shirts too but i only own a white simple one bought from the men’s department:)) Yours looks great, fantastic color!


  3. Laura Tenshi

    You look so cool in those shades and the hair bun really suits you. You can buy as many sheer shirts as you wish, who can blame you when they look so good on you?
    Are those tassels earrings? Very creative, I love tassels as handbag accessories.
    My fashion obsession for this season is the yellow clutch, can’t wait to find the right one.
    Hugss ^ _ ^

  4. TheMadTwins

    It’s really amazing that spring allows you this time with bright colors! I adore it, and you just created an amazing look with the pink. The earings are just amazing!!! They really look special, perhaps I will try to make then myself πŸ˜›
    I think I want for spring, orange pants with a with blouse. I can already imagine it.
    And of course, I adore the long dresses. Wonderful spring I think ^-^

  5. Alice in vintageland

    You’re so lovely! I’m tassel crazy, I’ve made countless pairs of earrings and necklaces with tassels, yours are great. As for the sheer blouse and the sunglasses – I’m in love. It’s impossible for me to stick to just one obsession. I’m happy with them all: maxi, neon colors, sheer everything, the 70’s, flared jeans, name it, I love it all. πŸ™‚

  6. Iulia Romana

    Ce superbitate de camasa ! Si eu sunt moarta dupa culorile tari si designuri cat mai minimalistice – noua colectie ZARA e exact ceea ce vreau acum , cu exceptia materialelor care mi se par groaznice.

    Anyway, la cat mai multe outfitul colorate si o saptamana cat mai frumoasa iti doresc :*

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