Absolutely Fabulous no. 10

Absolutely Fabulous no. 10

The end of autumn (or better said our fab girls, Diana&Alina) brought yet another fashion and vintage fair to spice up a quite gloomy weekend afternoon in Bucharest. It was really overwhelming this time, we met a great part of our blogger friends, even some that we hadn’t seen in a while, we took tons of  group shots (oh! how we love these :)) and, as usual, we didn’t manage to look around or buy as much as we wanted, despite the irresistible amount of beautiful clothes and accessories. It’s so hard to focus when you are surrounded by so many people! I don’t know what was more colorful..the autumn leaves or the fashionistas :))



Me with Andreea and with Diana. Aren’t they just amazing?


Eve with Sam, Costin, Alice and Anna.


With Dana from Leather& Lace, it was great getting to spend more time with her, she’s such a lovely girl !
Eve & Laura 
Our outfits:

I’ve been dying to try a 60’s inspired look, hence the ultra mini A-shape dress. The coat is a recent acquisition, it’s from New Look and I love it!


The sequinned collar is my moste recent DIY..it was not the easiest to make but I really like how it turned out.
And my hair&make-up were also 60’s inspired
Eve looked like a candy girl.
Gorgeous necklace from here 
Ex-blonde hair tips, currently purple 😀

And now it’s time for the little surprise:

Our first try at a video montage. We tried to capture the atmosphere of the fair..it would have definitely been longer, but my camera battery died..Oh well, better luck next time :). Hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. Laura Tenshi

    Awwww, you put a little ♥ next to my name. You make my heart melt.
    The video looks awesome, I love the song. Too bad your battery died, that’s because of the overdose of awesomeness that is the two of you.
    Hugsssss ^ _ ^

  2. Anna

    you look fabulous! I love that `60s inspired outfit Sandra and the sequined collar is amazing! and Eve she really looks like a candy, love her outfit! <3 those colored polka dots! you should definitely do more videos! it`s awsome 😀

  3. Dana

    hey, you made me blush :”> I’m really happy we took the long way home and got to talk so much. You both are really down-to-earth girls and I would love to meet again soon, in a more quiet place 🙂
    Did I mention how much I like your colourful pictures?!

    kisses for twiggy and candy girl 🙂

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