April Favorites: Accessories, Lingerie & Books

April Favorites: Accessories, Lingerie & Books

We’ve always been huge fans of crystal jewelry and when Beatrice offered to create a few custom pieces for us, we jumped for joy. Eve fell in love with the quartz&pyrite ring and I chose the rainbow quartz bullet necklace. We are absolutely certain they will become staple pieces in our accessory collection. The prices are more than ok, so just make sure to visit the site and pick up your favourites. We already have our eye on a few other pretty items.

Crystal_jewelry (1)

Crystal_jewelry (3)

Crystal_jewelry (4)

little_black_classics (1)

little_black_classics (2)

Recently, we also discovered V.O.V.A , a Lithuanian brand that creates wonderful pieces of lingerie. As you well know, I am huge fan of cute undergarments. You know what they say, lingerie is like ice-cream: you can never have too much! So I added this pretty little number to my ever-growing collection. The lace details are stunning and I absolutely adore the fabric. They also have the bra/panty version of this set on their website.

vova_lingerie_details (1)


vova_lingerie_details (3)

Aaand, it wouldn’t be a real haul without a few books, of course. I had my eye on these Penguin Little Black Classics for quite some time and i was SO thrilled when I found them at our favourite online bookstore, Okian. They may be small, but they are certainly worth buying (especially for that teeny price!) . I have already read some of Guy de Maupassant stories and they were, ahem, interesting to say the least. So I definitely recommend that one. Here are the other ones I picked up, but don’t worry if you don’t find them to your taste. There are 74  more to choose from!
little_black_classics (3)

 Crystal Jewelry/Lingerie/Penguin little black classics

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