Around the Fur – Budapest Zoo

Around the Fur – Budapest Zoo

Really, we just had to do this post! We really really love animals (I even dreamed to study nature/ be a wildlife photographer as I was watching all the Animal Planet/Nat Geo documentaries when I was younger). Unfortunately, the closest we can get to wildlife today is at the Zoo. And if it’s a beautiful Zoo, like the Budapest one, it’s all for the best. So we played around a little and pretended to be nature photographers and tried to capture as many great shots as we could :). We were extremely thrilled and acted like little kids, sounding something along these lines: “Wow look at this, look at that ! Let’s stalk the lemurs…Oh my God this one looks exactly like King Julien.” Oh get the point. Hope you will enjoy 🙂

♥S. & E.♥
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