Be Wild !

Be Wild !

Leopard glow
Have you ever experienced trouble while handling precious pieces that you fancied so dearly, with different kinds of print? Well I know I have. But the secret is simple: don’t over think it, have fun with it, even combine the same print more than once in your outfit and if the final result looks totally awesome then you have unleashed a force to be reckoned with, that you didn’t even know was hidden inside of you. So YOU GO GIRL!

London Streets
Leopard on leopard
Green and leopard
Purple leopard
Leopard coat
The Streets of London
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  1. Jamie Rose

    Hooray for double leopard print! I love it! Those jeans look fantastic on you and I’m in love with your leopard coat. I got a jacket like that passed down from my great grandma, but it’s kind of huge on me and that makes me sad because yours is so cute!

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