Black Holes and Revelations

Black Holes and Revelations

Hi everyone! I wish I could say I’m back, but that wouldn’t be true. I’ve been stuck in the hospital for a week already, and it seems I’ll have to stay here for a few more days. Sorry for the lack of posting, but as you can imagine, I haven’t been able to take new photos because of my medical condition. Plus, a week ago my laptop broke. Fortunately, in the meantime I received another one as a present from my parents.

So yeah, now I’m sitting in my hospital bed , dreaming of LFW and virtually creating outfits for spring. It is SO bad having to wear only pajamas for so many days.. i’m one step away from asking someone to bring me some pretty clothes and take pics of me here :)).

Anyway, I figured I should post some pics from a couple of weeks ago. I dreamed of owning this dress ever since I first saw it. And I was so happy to receive it for my birthday from my bf. Galaxy print all the way!!! I absolutely adore it and I just know I’ll be wearing it a lot in the future.








Dress: Oasis, boots: Next, hoodie: Fishbone, jacket: Pimkie, gloves: Zara, bag: thrifted
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  1. Laura Tenshi

    I can’t believe you were hospitalized, that’s just awful !!! I never expected your condition to be that serious, I hope you can recover asap.
    Don’t you ever scare us like that Sandra.

    I love the dress you wear, galaxy prints are incredible, lucky you got such a dreamy present from your bf.
    About the question from your comment section, A caterpillar?

  2. s a n d r a

    Get well soon S!! Chiar nu stiam ca esti in spital 🙁 sa te faci bine cat mai repede ca sa ne incanti cu muuuulte posturi minunate pe blog! :*

    PS: rochia ta este absolut minunataaa!!! si eu incerc de cam un an sa imi cumpar un tricou gallaxy print si niciodata nu reusesc sa il cumpar :)) damn it!

  3. Andreea

    God, hospital?:| I thought you had a flu or something like that, nothing serious:| Please get well and start making me drool more often! Like you do now with that ABSOLUTELY AWESOME DRESS!:x

  4. Alice in vintageland

    So sorry to hear you’re sick, I’m sending all my positive energy your way and I hope you’ll be home and well in no time, I taught you just had a simple cold. As for the dress -it’s AMAZING and you look wonderful wearing it! Many, many kisses:)

  5. Alice

    Sper sa te faci bine curand!
    De outfit sunt incantata total, imi place mult fusta (sper sa-mi gasesc si eu una) si cum ai asortat-o cu acel “hoodie” su cu manusi.

    Sa auzim de bine 🙂
    Kisses <3

  6. Adeline

    Awww,sper sa te faci bine!Nu vreau sa-mi imaginez cum e o saptamana in spital.Sper ca ai avut conditii decente.;
    ps:fusta/rochia este ORGASMICA <33
    ps2:mama iti transmite insanatosire grabnica :d
    ps3:felicitari pentru hypeuri ^___^

  7. The Hearabouts

    Thanks soso much everyone, you are all too sweet. Hope I get out soon, and everything goes back to normal. Thank you for the kind wishes!

    @Adeline : Da, au fost ok conditiile (for a hospital). Tell your mom I said thanks.

  8. Faboulista

    galaxy prints + valea regilor= big like. i remember during my first summer back as a blogger me and nookie took a stroll through valea regilor and had lunch there. it was such a cool place. definly i want to return there this summer.

  9. Fashion Fabrice

    Hi there darling! i hope you can leave the hospital soon! it’s really sweet of your parents to give you a new laptop though:)
    i really like this outfit by the way! the skirt is magnificent:)

    ps:We’re hosting a giveaway on our blog! Come and take a look and participate if you like:)


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