Blue Angels, Red Lights – LaChatterie Gold Label

Blue Angels, Red Lights – LaChatterie Gold Label

The „Blue Angels, Red Lights” collection  by the new LaChatterie Gold Label is one of a kind with unique pieces in a limited edition. The 35 pieces from the new collection are feminine, with a rebel touch: something like Edie Sedgwick meets SinCity. The materials used to create this dazzling collection are denim, silk, velvet and latex. The items are complemented with metallic accents and unexpected mixes, made of delicate fabrics and fur. You can find „Blue Angels, Red Lights” at the LaChatterie Showroom (19, Bibescu Vodă st.).
Our favorite pieces:
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  1. Alice in vintageland

    You guys have the best photos! And the video is amazing – I did see it before you left the comment, I’m everywhere (and looking so awkward in that shoot with the head to toe outfit :)))), but I do live it, thank you! 🙂 Also you two are beautiful and so, so nice! And I looooove the song, goes so nice with the video!!!! Kisses:)

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