Bluebbery lavender cake

Bluebbery lavender cake

As it is (or was?) lavender and blueberry season – and I absolutely adore both – I wanted to do some research on cake recipes based on these ingredients. I found this recipe here, and I decided to make a loaf cake, rather than muffins this time. Never had I imagined that it would turn out this amazing :). And it’s incredibly easy to make!

I mostly followed the steps mentioned in the recipe, replacing some of the blueberries with raspberries and the muffin cups with a baking tray, and filled it with the batter.
Don’t you think that lavender flowers look very beautiful and delicate? I adore their colour, and the smell…
Aaand, I decided to put my empty collectible Coca Cola bottles to some good use, so I filled them with the lavender flowers I picked from my grandparents’ garden.



I believe it’s obvious that this was out-of-this-world delicious. The flavours blend so well – lavender and lemon, yogurt and fruit. Light and yummy, perfect for summer. You can serve it with vanilla ice cream or yogurt, like I did. As Laura from wrote: “Amazing, succulent, tangy floral berry wonderfulness” :D.

Enjoy your Sunday!
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