Casual gelato

Casual gelato


Yesterday I went for a walk downtown with my friend, Rodi. The weather was lovely an I must say that I’m absolutely thrilled when I discover new and interesting places, especially if they sell goodies. This time it was all about ice cream. Or even better, gelato. Creamy and delicious, and so many varieties to choose from. I tried matcha green tea & dark choco, yum, plus I found out that they have new flavours every day. I’m definitely going there more often. And yeah, the outfit..this is me being simple& casual, even though I don’t like to be simple and casual very often :))

Aaaand the book I’m currently reading. Yes, Haruki again, I’m obsessed, whatever πŸ˜›
I’m wearing: Monki trench coat, Atmosphere shirt, Depot96 pants, New Look glitter flats, Promod bag, vintage Dior earrings
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