C’est la Guerre

C’est la Guerre

We are constantly challenging ourselves  to enchant you with the most magical photos that we can imagine, so we search for inspiration in the movies and the books that really made a statement in our lives. That is why we decided to make this into a weekly tradition and bring stories to life.
Today’s inspiration comes from the must see movie: “Carrie’s War“, the 2004 adaptation of the children’s novel by Nina Bawden. Set during the Second World War it follows the story of two evacuees, Carrie and her younger brother. It’s a story about growing up in many ways; but also a story about exploring childhood fantasies and imagination, first kisses and last wishes. I loved everything about this movie, the atmosphere, the story, the setting, the clothes. I loved Carrie’s adorable retro shirts and cardigans. How there was mystery and magic but also emotion and humor (good ol’ English humor that is).
spring outfit
collar and dots
a walk in the park
spring feeling
wearing COS sweater, Dorothy Perkins skirt, Primark bag
sig e
P.S. : How do you feel about our idea?
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  1. Marisa Noelle

    Holy moly…I love your blog and outfit and the whole idea of your photos being inspired my movies and books you love. I’ve actually never seen that movie – but I’m a huge children’s novel fanatic, so of course I want to run out and search for it. Your sweater is gorgeous! Thanks for your lovely comment. Following you too 🙂

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