Chasing the light

Chasing the light

Let’s take a moment and talk about photography and the way modern technology is influencing the way we take photos.

In my experience of more than a decade, since taking photos became more than a hobby, the photography industry has changed immensely. The first digital camera I had was a HP Photosmart 935, small but extremely heavy with a display screen of 3,8 cm width and a max ISO 400. Then I started taking photos with Sandra’s Canon 350D, after that I switched on a Nikon D3000 and a D90. Finally, our latest acquisition is a Nikon D650.

So, if you have followed us for the past 8 years, you could observe the improvement in the quality and clarity of our photos. And to be honest I can say that I am finally happy with the way our photos turn out. There is little need for Photoshop anymore. But recently I am having some mixed feelings about the whole photography process. As technology progressed we are faced with an improvement of photo quality in our very own phones. Sometimes when I travel I prefer to take a film camera and my phone to capture the highlights of my journey. But when I get home and I see the final result I am not happy with the outcome.

Did you guys have ever experienced this kind of contradictory feelings concerning your cameras? Wanna hear your thoughts.

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