Cola and Muffins

Cola and Muffins

Cola and Muffins









I just had to share this.
Coca-Cola muffins, recipe here
Lemon heart-shaped muffins
Special edition Coke bottles, classic remakes
Baking and photos by me
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  1. Andreea

    Aoleu ce ma oftic cu sticlele alea de cola:(( Si eu le caut disperata de cand au aparut si nu gasesc pe nicaieri:| Nu stiu de unde sa le iau! Banuiesc ca tu le-ai luat din Ploiesti, nu?:(

    The muffins look delicious =p~

  2. Gabriela Ciobanu

    I think I died and I went to heaven. Coca cola muffins?? I can’t believe my eyes! I need to try this immediatly! Cola is my favourit drink since …forever! Or maybe I’m more like an colalcoholic, I don’t know but thanks you for sharing this greaaat news!

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