Dreams don’t turn to dust

Dreams don’t turn to dust

This is a story of gypsy queens and ice princesses, of flowers and stars, of crystals and pearls…It takes place in a magical world, wrapped in a veil of surreal light, where imagination has no limits.





In this land of wonders everyone is allowed  to shine, shine as bright as they can …

..and all dreams come true!









Creating your personal wonderland is not as complicated as it may seem. Just put on some warm clothes, pile on those twinkling trinkets, paint your face in rainbow colours and embark on your very own wintertime adventure!
And don’t let your dreams turn to dust!


The gorgeous gold-plated rings & the watch are available on Wonder-land.ro
The handmade headbands are available here

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  1. Anaivilo

    Vai ce frumos! :X I adore every single little detial from these photos.. the jewelery is so funky and cool! I love Eve’s makeup and Sandra’s hairstyle made me insane! :X Not to mention that last beautiful photo..oh that sparkle …

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