This post is a little late, unfortunately, as I actually intended to take the photos and post it last week. However, between my busy schedule and the unpredictable weather, it got delayed. However, I’m super happy to finally show you some of my latest acquisitions (yes, I did make a little time for shopping :P). The most recent purchase is this Asos skirt that I got at I Like Outlet and I love everything about it: the color, the fabric, the length, the buttons. It’s just perfect. Moving on to the shoes.. have you seen anything cuter? I had been eyeing them on the Asos website for a while, but I couldn’t decide to actually buy them. And then the planets aligned somehow and while looking around in Miniprix I saw them sitting pretty in a corner (the only pair and in my size nonetheless!) and in that moment I knew we were meant to be. Hello there pink, satin-y fluffiness.

Anyway, I hope you will excuse my gushing about clothes. It’s that time of year (saaales!) and I can’t think straight :)) . Let me know if you’d like to see in a separate post the other things I purchased lately.
Pink_summer_outfit (1)

Pink_summer_outfit (3)

Pink_summer_outfit (4)

Pink_summer_outfit (6)


I’ve been super obsessed with double pearl earrings and I was thrilled to pick this pair of black matte ones from Happiness Boutique. They have them in other colors as well (plus a ton of other gorgeous accessories) and the shipping is free and super fast, so I definitely recommend checking them out.

Pink_summer_outfit (9)

Pink_summer_outfit (7)


 I’m wearing: H&M bustier, ASOS skirt and pom-pom slip-ons, Parfois bag, Zara sunglasses, Happiness Boutique double pearl earrings.

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