Fall Binge-Watching Guide

Fall Binge-Watching Guide

There are several reasons why I love autumn. First of all it’s almost my birthday, secondly it’s the most wonderful time of the year aka Halloween time and thirdly it is the start of a new season of my favorite tv shows. Just to understand the extent of my obsession, I am currently watching more than 20 shows, yes you heard it right. So I consider myself quite an authority on this particular subject.
Without any further ado, here’s my list of

5 TV shows worth to binge-watch

1). Doctor Who (there are not enough words to describe one of the best shows of all time )
2). New Girl ( Zooey Deschanel ftw )
3). Reign ( Gossip Girl fashion meets Game of Thrones’ plots )
4). The White Queen ( based on the Philippa Gregory’s novels, this show depicts in such a beautiful matter the War of the Roses, that I became smitten with the characters and the never-ending plot ).
5). Sherlock ( for the love of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, you have to watch this show)

5 TV shows that premier this fall

1) Forever ( an immortal Sherlock Holmes, need I say more? )
2) Outlander ( a beautiful feminist movie with a surprising plot  )
3) Selfie ( for no reason other than my obsession with Karen Gillan )
4) The Cosmopolitans ( if you are looking for clever dialogue and you’ve missed Adam Brody, than this is the show for you)
5) How to get away with murder ( the title sums it up )

Happy Autumn !
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  1. Jamie Rose

    Autumn is my favorite too but it doesn’t happen where I live until around November. I love this classic outfit you’re wearing with unique accessories. That polka dot scarf tied as a bow is adorable and I really like your shoes too.

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