Fleurs d’automne

Fleurs d’automne

Ok you guys, so the inevitable happened and I am a quarter of a century old. Wait what? I am …wow…and  I was still asked to show an ID card last month (yay for me!). So I want to thank everyone for the nice thoughts I received on my birthday and all I can say is that I am truly grateful for the few true friends I still have in my life.
Flowers and red ivy
flowers and braids
braids and burgundy
autumn colours
red autumn

Now it’s time for a true and cool story about the sweater that I am wearing in this pictures. I dressed this  way on my birthday celebration with the family and while being at home I went looking into my mom’s wardrobe and I fell in love with this adorable sweater. Later on, I found out that my mom wore this exact sweater 25 years ago on the day she got out of the hospital after giving birth to yours one and only.The tights I am wearing are from TIGHTSPLEASE, an amazing site with a wide variety of  patterned tights from different brands, I chose this pair of floral Falke tights because I think that they truly describe me and my Libra personality and style: feminine with a darker twist.
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  1. Nicoleta Parascan

    OMG, what a perfectly beautiful set of photos – in lack of a better word to describe them. You look stunning Eve, loved the story behind the sweater and all of the precious details. And the colors … oh my.

    Happy 25!!! Let the real fun begin ^.^


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