For the love of Denim

For the love of Denim

I am having such a hard time adjusting to this “tropical weather” we’ve been experiencing for the past two weeks, it’s simply ridiculous. Every morning I am facing the same annoying question: “What in the world am I going to wear today?”.

I know, I know…. first world problem, but seriously you just don’t get much choices in this melting situation. I don’t do shorts or any sort of a skin-bearing scenario, so I am left with one of a few winning choices: a dress/skirt or culottes ( yes, they’ve been a life-saver  this summer) and a top. Apart from flowy shirts I find comfort in wearing tops with a twist, because let’s face it: no matter the hardships life gives you,  style must endure.

UntitledPepaLoves Denim Shirt
Untitled Urban Outfitters mustard Culottes
Denim Shirt PepaLoves

wearing PepaLoves Denim Shirt (now on sale) ,  Urban Outfitters – Culottes sig e

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