Gala Avanpremiere 11

Gala Avanpremiere 11


Sorry everyone, we’re a bit late with this post. As we announced last week, we were invited once again to this wonderful event called Gala Avanpremiere. The fashion festival took place on Tuesday evening. The first thing that struck us was the new location, we felt as if we were transported to a fairytale world. It was a perfect choice and it contributed to the overall magical atmosphere. It’s either that, or we are inclined to see the magic in everything.

Detalii_gala_avanpremiere_11 (2)

Detalii_gala_avanpremiere_11 (3)

Detalii_gala_avanpremiere_11 (1)

And now, the collections:

1.Carmen Cherecheș – LOST IN…DREAMS – The theme of the collection: the coalescence of dreams and reality. Serigraphic prints, cutouts, knitted structures. Impressive details.
Carmen Cherecheș-Avanpremiere11 (2)
Carmen Cherecheș-Avanpremiere11 (x)

2.A&S Negulescu – Raven. Majestic birds flying free over imaginary worlds. Blacks, metallics, fluidity and amazingly crafted leather structures.
AS_Negulescu_Avanpremiere_11 (1)
AS_Negulescu_Avanpremiere_11 (3)

3. Loredana Novotni- sacRED. As you can guess from the title of this collection it is all about the colour redand its symbolism. Red is more than a colour it means immortality, it is the relationship between body and soul, between earth and sky.
.Loredana_Novotni_Avanpremiere (1)
Loredana_Novotni_Avanpremiere (2)

4. Simona Semen – Geometry of Soul. Was inspired inspiration to create this collection from the Tibetan elements, which she combined with the urban, abstract ones.
Simona Semen_avanpremiere_11 (2)
Simona Semen_avanpremiere_11 (1)

5. Iris Serban – Elements We got everything in this collection: from subtle details, lace and leather, corsets to floral insertions, everything that women desire.Iris_Serban_avanpremiere_11 (2)

Iris_Serban_avanpremiere_11 (1)

6. Natalia Vasiliev- Dreams of Florence. This collection was one of our favorite combining the much beloved pastels with amazing floral details that made us dream of the spring season. It was truly romantic and full of magic.
Natalia_vasiliev_avanpremiere_11 (2)
Natalia_vasiliev_avanpremiere_11 (1)
And some pics of us & the girls (Laura, Oli, Alice):
avanpremiere11 040
avanpremiere11 020
avanpremiere11 hearabouts
avanpremiere11 hearabouts 2

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  1. Mady T.

    not sure what was more amazing the candy or the fashion show…great pieces on the runaway…who could believe that you can have all of them in Bucharest?! hope you had an amazing time!


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