Giving jumpsuits a try

Giving jumpsuits a try

I was never a big fan of jumpsuits. They’ve always seemed quite impractical to me (too difficult to put on and take off) and I could never find one long enough to fit both my torso and my legs (tall girl problems). Also, I’ve always had mixed opinions regarding one-piece clothing items: pinafores are adorable and versatile, dungarees are retro and cool, but jumpsuits and playsuits felt rather odd, at least in my book. However, I’ve had a change of mind lately. It was partly due to the sudden wave of popularity known by this clothing item recently, but mostly because I have finally, FINALLY, found not one, but two jumpsuits that actually fit me. The one in the pics below is from H&M and I bought it online -how much of a gamble was that? – and of course I wouldn’t believe how well it fit . And I also found another one that is even cuter, but more about that in a future post. I went for a casual look with this one, dressing it down with a pair of white sneakers and the Margiela x H&M doll cardi that I rediscovered in the back of my wardrobe. However, this jumpsuit can be instantly upgraded to eveningwear with a pair of heels and maybe a sequinned blazer. Who would have thought jumpsuit can actually be functional?






HRB_9634 I’m wearing an H&M jumpsuit, Zara sneakers, Primark bag, H&M earrings and Margiela for H&M doll cardigan sig S


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