Goodbye, autumn !

Goodbye, autumn !



These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, when the park alleys were still covered in tons of colorful leaves, during golden hour. In celebration of the season I decided to wear a  brightly-coloured outfit, after all the long grey winter is on it’s way and it’s unstoppable.

How are you feeling? Nostalgic for autumn or eager for the holiday season to start?
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  1. Andreea

    Eager pe naiba ca ma ia tremuriciu’ numai cand ma gandesc in ce hal o sa inghet si ce gheata va fii pe jos:((
    De ce nu se poate sa ramana toamna asa pana la primavara?:)) Si sa purtam coloraciuni ca cele de pe tine? De ce de ce de ce?
    Asta era o forma de a spune ca imi place ce color blocking ai facut:))

  2. Cristina B

    Great use of color, and I also love how you’re wearing the sweater over the skirt and with a belt at the waist! I am glad that winter has -finally!- arrived and although my butt usually freezes in the same dresses and skirts I wear during the rest of the year (tights hardly count at under 0 degrees), I must say it fills me with a weird calmness and serenity. Is it me or does it seem that I’m the only one loving winter?! (and hating summer)


  3. a dreamer.

    well, for now, when i thought winter was already here it turns out it’s still late autumn, let’s say.
    so i’m really happy.
    i’m the type that only wants winter for christmas and maybe new year’s eve.

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