Green oasis

Green oasis

Don’t you just love it when you go searching for something and on your way there you find something even better? Well that’s what happened a few evenings ago: while looking for a good spot to take photos, we stumbled upon this vertical garden thing in the city center, a lovely oasis of freshness in an otherwise dusty, bleak city. The outfit is a variation of what I’ve been wearing a lot lately: ample midi skirts and tiny tops that show a bit of skin here and there. And in regards to the hair: last weekend I finally saw The Age of Adaline. As you can imagine, I became so completely obsessed with Blake Lively’s costumes and hairstyles, that I just had to try to recreate them, so I’ve been wearing variations of this hairdo the entire week (I think I’ll continue this week as well; the excitement hasn’t died out yet). If you haven’t seen the movie, I definitely recommend it: the story is cute and the vintage-inspired clothes are impeccable!

Urban_garden_the_hearabouts (5)

Urban_garden_the_hearabouts (4)
Urban_garden_the_hearabouts (7)

Urban_garden_the_hearabouts (6)

* I just love reading memoirs during summer, especially if they’re set in the first part of the 20th century. And isn’t the cover just lovely?*

Urban_garden_the_hearabouts (8)

Urban_garden_the_hearabouts (3)

I’m wearing an Asos cropped top, Melissa flats, vintage Prada skirt, H&M basket, Bershka earrings

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