So, Halloween came and went, and we’re left with a bunch of good ol’ memories.

On Saturday we went to a party in a club in Bucharest. It was insane.. so many people, so many costumes!.  These are the  pics we have managed to take:



Eve went as the White Rabbit and me and my boyfriend dressed as Karen Elson and Jack White . Initially, I had chosen another costume, but I wasn’t able to find the accessories I needed. I was inspired by this image of the two, so i decided to try my own version:


On Sunday we invited a few friends over. I spent all day preparing pumpkin goodies (pie, following Fashezine‘s delicious recipe and cupcakes) and my bf carved a pumpkin in the shape of Jack Skellington’s face. We drank wine, boiled with spices, we ate sweets and watched Tv.





Our outfits for the night:











Eve’s wearing: F21 tutu and lace blouse, Atmosphere tights, Moa ring
I’m wearing: vintage lace blouse, Atmosphere skirt, F21 lace tights and Boohoo.com flats
Hope you had a great HaLLoWeeN!
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  1. Laura Tenshi

    Absolut superb decorata casa si mancarea pare yummy. Am vazut poza si cred ca ati reprodus foarte bine tinutele si mai ales atitudinea lor. Cureaua Evelinei este f frumoasa si fusta tutu la fel. S, those lace tights are gorgeous.

  2. Alice in vintageland

    You girls are magic, I love the outfits and the photos. Also I knew you were impersonating Karen Elson and Jack White before reading your explanations just by looking at the black&white collage, I don’t know if that’s a little bit to much pop culture from my part or you did a great job, I tend to believe the second one:))))) You two make a super cute couple!:)

  3. Heels lover

    Wow! Great costumes and decorations(not to mention that pie-ok, enough with the drooling) but the pumpkin is just…genius! Eu l-as fi pastrat ca obiect decorativ in casa, sper ca nu l-ati aruncat:))

  4. neamircea

    🙂 f frumos, felicitari pentru blog si pentru petreceri/tinute (WOW)/atmosfera. si casa arata senzational, ce sa zic! 🙂

    va pup si o toamna frumoasa, cu vin fiert si tot tacamul, nu cu piftie la pahar, ca aici!


  5. Faboulista

    ok yes it seems so that my first comment didnt go through. anyways here is what i said:
    you girls never fail to amaze me with beautiful photography and beautiful outfits. i love eve’s outfit with the bow tights and the tutu. sandra u and your bf did such a good job going as a couple. i love that pic of the two of u.
    btw which club did u end up going? i wish i could see head to toe pics of the club outfits

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