Hampton Court Details

Hampton Court Details

I am already sick of the snow and the cold weather, so to lighten up my mood – and yours for that matter- I will take you back once again to the wonderful Hampton Court. I know, you already saw S’s post HERE, and you are probably wondering, what on earth is she going to show us now? Well, you guys, my version is based more on the details and the mesmerizing surroundings where I felt less like in Wonderland and more like in the world of Harry Potter. I guess it’s because there was a mysterious atmosphere that surrounded the place. It was magical with a twist. I might be delusional anyways and you can blame it on the rapid change in the weather that we experienced during our visit: bright warm sun followed by a dark threatening cloud. I especially loved the maze  *insert HP book 4 reference here *, and also the hidden passages and interior alleys that reminded me of Diagon Alley. As a true Potterhead that I am I solemly swear that next time in the UK I will go to Oxford and to the WB Studios for more inside scoops on the real sets 😀

Red autumn
Hampton court maze portrait
Hampton Court
outfit post
Diagon Alley
Hampton Court
Hampton Court
Hampton Court
Hampton Court
Hampton Court
Hampton Court
Hampton Court

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