Hey, sailor!

Hey, sailor!

This summer I somehow didn’t get the chance to go to the seaside (well, I did go to Greece in May, but let’s say that doesn’t count), so when I realized September had already come, I decided to take advantage of the weirdly hot early autumn weather and just go for it. Plus, I’ve always wanted to go to the seaside in September. And I must say I don’t regret it. I adored the uniquely nostalgic feeling, the empty beaches, the quietness, the strange aftereffect sensation.

All in all, this experience just filled me with energy for days and with wonderful memories to hold on to during the cold months to come. I even tanned a bit & got freckles on my nose, to serve me as a reminder, hihi.


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I’m wearing an ASOS gingham print swimsuit, H&M sailor cap and knitted shorts, Vero Moda shirt

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