I come alive

I come alive

Last Sunday I had the occasion to visit an absolutely whimsical place..it was so beautiful I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Imagine an entire field sprinkled with delicate purple flowers, like a dream come true. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.







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  1. Mina

    sandra i love these pictures.
    u r an amazing creative director. u truly have a vision.
    i would love to do that photoshoot we were talking about last year together with u and eve.

  2. Sam

    The photos are stunning! Love the owl tshirt!
    I really enjoyed being at the seaside for the 1st of March, but only because I was with my friends and we were having fun just being together. There were way too many people there… I think you were better off in your purple flowers paradise 🙂

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