I have seen your heart…

There is no secret that i am a huge fan of Harry Potter, been reading all the books (some of them more than once)…and seen all the movies ( i don’t know why but everytime i watch them i get a warm, fuzzy feeling like it’s Christmas time). Since the 10th grade when a friend gave me the first book i was in love with the whole story, even though at first i was skeptical about it, cuz i thought it was just another silly kids fantasy.


Love, love it !!

After seeing this new trailer i literally got goose bumps and can’t wait until November. I am sure that it is going to be just brilliant…and it seems like this time all the important parts of the book are beautifully captured in the movie.
Got to have a movie marathon soon…

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  1. Alice in vintageland

    I feel the same! I love the books and I was actually sad when I read the last one, I wanted the story to last forever. Can hardly wait so see the movie cause, as you said, it gives me a warm feeling inside – Harry Potter it’s like the perfect tale even if you’re not at the age of fairytales anymore.:)

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