Ice froze the fairytale cold

Ice froze the fairytale cold


Taking upon myself the risk of sounding redundant, I find it necessary to affirm that I am not a winter-loving person. Therefore, the moments I find myself entangled in the magic web of frozen water drops are quite scarce. However, last Sunday was definitely one of those moments. The immaculacy and whimsy of perfectly star-shaped snowflakes was only matched byย the density of ย the silence. I feel extremely grateful that we managed to capture our twinkle of enjoyment in the form of photographs. And my outfit partially reflects that with the help of unexpected pops of pink, symbolizing the brief minutes when winter seems sublime.

I’m wearing: vintage fur coat & gloves, Flo&Jo sweater, Atmosphere shirt with bow detail, vintage skirt, New Look tights, my mom’s boots, vintage bag (I found it in a thrift shop and it was love at first sight), random headband.
PS: Check out the article I wrote for Hypestreet (it’s in Romanian)
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  1. Lilith

    You look fantastic. I adore your hair color first of all. I want red hair so much, but my hair doesn’t hold color well at all. ๐Ÿ™

    I love your boots, and your skirt. <3

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