If my heart was a house, you’d be home…

If my heart was a house, you’d be home…

I’m not in the mood of saying too many things, so instead I offer you these photos. I hope you will enjoy them.











Dress: from my aunt; gloves: Zara; belt: thrifted; fur coat and shawl: vintage; the bag’s also vintage, from my grandma, to whom I dedicate this post.
Special thanks to my bf for walking with me in the park and for taking these photos in the freezing cold.
Post title inspired by Owl City and nail art inspired by Alix.

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  1. Faboulista

    holy moly… this is the best outfit of yours and shooting so far. i am dying. like simply dying right now. its not snowing here which i hate but u have so insipred me to take photos in the snow now in a different way that i was planning. beautiful pictures. congrats to your bf. they are stunning!

  2. Laura Tenshi

    Sandra, you’re my hero. Really, how can you take pictures in this cold weather. I wrap myself up when I leave home like a mummy, I can’t even dream of taken outfit pictures. If I were to unbutton just one bit, I would freeze.
    The color of your dress is gorgeous and I love how you wear it with those accessories and the fur coat.
    P.S. Love the nail polish.

  3. Anna Pope

    The dress! The dress is absolute perfection! If that dress were a boy I would like to mary it! You look like you were ripped from a magazine and plopped in the middle of a beautiful park.

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