Lady of the Flowers

Lady of the Flowers


As it is getting hotter and hotter, we are starting to grow tired of the concrete jungle and we are constantly trying to find alternative locations for our photos. This time, the Botanical Gardens in Bucharest seemed like a good idea. I had already planned an outfit (thought about it ever since I bought this lovely retro-inspired cropped top from the H&M WaterAid collection) and it seemed like this was the perfect place for the shooting. And it sure was.. as you can see, the print on my top matched the background, the lighting was gorgeous and the gardens were so peaceful and calm that it was a pleasure to escape from the noisy city, even if it was only for a couple of hours.


gradina_botanica_bucuresti (2)







I’m wearing: vintage scarf, H&M cropped top and earrings from the 2012 WaterAid collection (my new favourite items for summer), H&M plimsolls and HandmadeDesigns skirt.

How about you? How do/would you wear cropped tops?
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  1. Kylie W.

    I think the flowy skirt looks so classy with that cropped top! I love them and typically wear them with my high waisted shorts (as much as I love skirts I always gravitate to the comfort of my denim shorts haha)

  2. Jamie Rose

    These pictures are beautiful and so incredibly summery! I love the whole feel of this outfit too. Your crop top is lovely. I’d really like to find one like that sometime soon! I feel like it’d be great in this horrible heat!

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