Les Petites Fleurs

Les Petites Fleurs

One of the reasons that make me love spring is the ovewhelming amount of vegetation that takes over my grandparents’ garden during this time of year. During weekends and holidays it’s my pleasure to just enjoy the sunlight while admiring the dozens of different species of plants. Among my favourites are these little white flowers, so small and delicate. I just had to make my own flower crown.







I‘m wearing a vintage dress, New Yorker bag, and a Zara belt.

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  1. Laura Tenshi

    Very vintage looking photo shoot ! If you’d tell me that these were shot in the 60s-70s I would totally believe it. You look so adorable in this floral print dress and surrounded by flowers. You are a flower among flowers ( pretty neat, right? ) I have a way with words :))

    Hugsss ^ _ ^

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