Let me be your ruler

Let me be your ruler

As you might remember, earlier this year we began our posts inspired by certain things that truly trigger our imagination such as a recently read book, a magical movie, a surreal music video or simply a heartfelt song. The story goes on with today’s inspiration: my recent guilty pleasure, a new TV series entitled Reign. To keep it short the plot follows the story of Mary, Queen of Scots as a teenager at the French court while she awaits her marriage to Francis, France’s future king, to whom she has been engaged since they were children. Though the series is only partially historically accurate and we all know how it is supposed to end, the characters and the development of the story are intriguing to say the least. So if you want a dose of medieval Gossip Girl (the headbands are out of this world) meets a softer version of Game of Thrones you are in for a treat.
The Red Queen
The Red Queen
Topshop skirt/ Forever 21 blouse/ Meli Melo necklace worn as headband
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  1. The Hearabouts

    You look stunning Eve and I feel that these shoots, with a magical story behind them are so defining of what The Hearabouts is all about ^_^

    Love the styling and that skirt is gorgeous <3
    I believed I was the only one getting Gossip Girl vibes from Reign ^_^


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