Let me light up the sky

Let me light up the sky

Hello darlings,
So today I am going to show you what i’ve been up to lately, apart from procrastinating a lot and having a “How I Met Your Mother” marathon (btw, Neil Patrick Harris is absolutely brilliant!).
Last Sunday I met with the talented Alina aka Sohodoll to catch things up & take some photos. A little spoiler: the location is the ballet room of a theatre.
These are just some of the pics we took before the actual photoshoot, in order to show you what I wore that day.
Be patient.. the best part is yet to come :).
1 (2)
1 (5)
1 (3)
1 (4)
1 (6)
1 (7)
1 (9)
1 (8)

Photos courtesy of  Sohodoll. Check out her work, it is truly amazing!


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  1. Meghan

    oooh you look so great, girl! thanks for reminding me of this bright pink polka dot pleated skirt I haen’t been wearing!
    p.s. you’re comment riddle has me so stumped! please tell us the answer!


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