Let’s make our own fairytale

Let’s make our own fairytale


Let us make our own fairytale: this is the message on my sweatshirt, the one that I knew I had to have as soon as I saw it. I felt that it embodied the message we are trying to transmit on our blog perfectly . Speaking of which, we are extremely honored to have been interviewed for the Idea Spark section of  IQads. You can read it here (it’s in Romanian).

Let's_make_our_own_fairytale (6)
Let's_make_our_own_fairytale (2)
Let's_make_our_own_fairytale (4)
Let's_make_our_own_fairytale (3)
Let's_make_our_own_fairytale (5)

I’m wearing: H&M coat and beanie, Reserved sweatshirt, Topshop skirt, DIY necklace, Zign boots
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P.S: By the way, what is/was your favourite fairytale? When I was little I had this Grimm Brothers book next to my bed and I used to read it all the time, I even knew quite a few of the tales by heart. Some of the others are really freaky, though :))
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  1. The Hearabouts

    I agree..its a simple item with a (perfect) twist. I was so happy when I found it.

    Thank you for sharing your favourite fairytales with us! :* I forgot to mention the Wizard of Oz, but I think I did talk about it once on the blog.


  2. The Hearabouts

    The photos are simply amazing and you look gorgeous! I looove the hat, ant the print goes really well with your hair color! Lovely outfit!

    My favorite fairytale was Sleeping Beauty. I remember trying to “recreate” it with my 4th grade boyfriend and I freaked him out :)). Apparently, kissing on the mouth in the 4th grade is gross! :)) I bet he would have no problem doing it now :P.




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