Life is like a Rollercoaster, baby!

Life is like a Rollercoaster, baby!

amusement park 1
Ok girls, so you’ve been delighted with the first part of our visit to the amusement park, modeled by Sandra (and her lovely retro outfit). Concerning my look, I’ve chosen pastel items with a small dose of neon because let’s face it, they make one heck of a yummy combination. What better way to accessorize an amusement park outfit, than with a candy bag. Doesn’t it look simply delicious? I’d been dreaming of a bag like this for some time until I finally found the perfect one.


amusement park 2
amusement park 3
amusement park 6amusement park 7
amusement park 5 
I’m wearing Bb-up oxford shoes, New look jeans,  River Island watch, Naf Naf blouse and Oasap bag
  I’m currently reading The Hunger Games, vol. 2 (Catching Fire) and all I can say is that it is intensely nerve-racking, simply said: the suspense is killing me. It’s a must read for sure, I totally recommend the entire series.
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