Little Red Ribbon

Little Red Ribbon


Although it might look like the photos were taken in November, they were actually taken last week, on the 1 st of January. I had imagined this outfit on a completely snow-covered backdrop and I ended up with a somehow gloomy and desolate landscape. I can’t say that I hate it, though. I actually quite like the contrast between it and the outfit. Had I not been all smiley and stuff (blame it on the New Year frenzy), these images could have been more artsy. Anyway, we know we haven’t been very active on the blog during this last couple of weeks, but we’re back on track now, so keep your eyes on the blog :).



H&M_Paris_collection_coat_boots (10)


H&M_Paris_collection_coat_boots (6)


H&M_Paris_collection_coat_boots (1)

H&M_Paris_collection_coat_boots (7)

I’m wearing: H&M Paris collection boots and faux fur coat, H&M red dress, House of Holland letter tights
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  1. The Hearabouts

    Beautiful pictures <3 I also adore the contrast between the outfit and the desolated landscape and I believe that you smiling made for a lovely aftermath 🙂

    That faux fur coat is dreamy <3

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