Little Red

Little Red

Hello my darlings, hope you had a wonderful time this holidays with lots of yummy food and family time.
As for me, i had to take advantage of the lovely weather and go on a trip in the countryside and snap some photos for your enjoyment.

New Look flats, Primark red bag, random brand lace dress and cardigan, self-customized socks
No chicks were harmed during this photoshoot.

“Everybody took everything that they could
And they made a little town out of stones and out of wood,
And they made a little king out of plasticine,
And they threw the rules away but they kept the wisdom in.
And all the birds and the bees lived so peacefully
And all of the babies they slept so gently until…


Little Red came knocking.”


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  1. Alexandra

    you really mean that the bag is from primark ?! I am so much more in love with that store now !

    Love your socks and the cute vibe your photos have ! And your hair color. And the dress. Okay. I am stopping now !

    alexandra @

  2. Laura Tenshi

    OMG ! Those blue ribbons look so great on your over the knee socks ! You had a fantastic idea to add those. I love the bag, but I’ve told you that already. Those oxford flats look comfortable and stylish, just like how I like my footwear. I must find something like that for the summer too.
    You look very cool with those heart frame sunglasses.

    Hugssss ^ _ ^

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