London: Shooter’s Hill & Danson House

London: Shooter’s Hill & Danson House

As you may have seen on Instagram, I am currently in NYC for work, but I still had these pics from London left from when I went to Shooter’s Hill and Danson House, so I wanted to post them. I actually went to Danson House for a Vivienne Westwood exhibition, but unfortunately it was closed the day I arrived there. They were hosting an event later that day, probably a wedding (it IS a lovely place for a wedding, don’t you think?)  However, I was still happy to visit around  and the cafe was open so we were able to have tea and a scone there and enjoy the view. According to Wikipedia, this Palladian villa was designed by leading architect Sir Robert Taylor (architect of the Bank of England), and constructed c.1766 for sugar merchant and vice-chairman of the British East India Company, Sir John Boyd.

I’d like to say that, by looking at these pics I miss autumn, but the weather is so good in NYC at the moment that’s it’s almost like an Indian summer. Can’t wait to share my experience here with you 🙂

Shooters_Hill_London (2)


Shooters_Hill_London (1)



Danson_House_London_The_Hearabouts (1)

Danson_House_London_The_Hearabouts (2)

Danson_HouseDanson_House_London_The_Hearabouts (4)

Danson_House_London_The_Hearabouts (3)  sig S

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