Mermaids Do It Better

Mermaids Do It Better

Ever since I can remember I wanted to have a crazy hair color. Although, let’s be frank, in the past 10 years I never actually had a ‘normal’ hair color. I started with purple highlights which escalated quickly to all sorts of red, then ombre that turned into purple tips, then half blonde; after that there was an orange phase that turned into a full blonde and finally ,after all the struggle, my inner magical creature appeared.
So here are some of the perks of having Mermaid Hair.

1. It is the best conversation starter.

People just can’t stop talking about your hair and asking questions.

2. You most definitely don’t pass unnoticed on the street.

Even though most of the times people are appalled, shocked and make jokes that you look like a certain *ahem, ahem* Romanian singer.

3. You can be a different person each month.

I mean if you are like me and get easily bored, a semi-permanent dye makes things easier for you.

So. boys and girls, the conclusion is simple: Mermaids Do It Better.

Mermaid The Hearabouts

Mermaid - The Hearabouts

Mermaids Do It Better

Mermaid - The Hearabouts

Mermaid Tears Bag - The Hearabouts

Blue Hair Don't Care - The Hearabouts

Green Pond
Zara denim dress/ Pull&Bear t-shirt/ Vans shoes/ Skinny Dip Clutch Bag
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  1. Mamalina

    I don’t even know where to begin…. I adore everything about this outfit, your style is so unique and amazing! It’s always such a pleasure seeing your photos! You’re beyond awesome :)!



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