Messy chic

Messy chic

Here’s something you don’t see very often on our blog. Yesterday I decided to try something new and wear a more simple, minimalist, menswear-inspired look. And the accessories I ordered from the Stradivarius online shop provided the perfect finishing touches to this look. I chose a very practical backpack  (it’s great for carrying your camera around in style) and a pair of those  infamous Birkenstock-inspired shoes. I was skeptical about them until I tried them on. They were so comfy, that I didn’t want to take them off. Yet another proof that you should never say never when it comes to fashion. What do you think? Would you ever wear this kind of ugly shoes?

messy_chic (6)

messy_chic (2)

messy_chic (3)

messy_chic (4)

messy_chic (5)

Oh, and I almost forgot about the hair. I’ve been trying to achieve that “effortless” beach waves, messy long bob look for a long time and I think I almost nailed it this time. Almost.

I’m wearing: random men’s shirt, Depot96 pants, Stradivarius backpack & sandals

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  1. Oteea

    OMG, how I super-love this look <3

    First of all, yes to menswear-inspired looks (it's like we've traded places this week ^_^).
    Second of all, I saw a picture of you wearing this outfit on FB and I spotted the shoes. I of course, had to look twice in order to believe what you were wearing :))

    There has been a time when I almost hated these ugly shoes, but after writing various articles centered around them lately, and after witnessing some gorgeous ideas to style them, they only seem half-ugly now. Too bad I already told my husband to stop me from ever buying them, this was a while ago but I believe he still remembers :)))

    And last but not least, the hair looks amazing, perhaps you will share some of your secrets with us ^_^


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