Smoother than a storm

Smoother than a storm

Today I feel like talking about a book adaptation that is so dear to me, the most talked about Mockingjay. There was a lot of hype surrounding this particular movie and I am quite curious about people’s honest opinion, considering that many haven’t read the books. I for instance, have some mixed feelings after attending the screening. Don’t get me wrong I loved the actors’ performances, Jen was as brilliant as always and Josh didn’t fall too far behind, but that’s about it.
I am not so sure it was the perfect choice to divide it in two parts, because the second part had so much going on, and this first one is based more on emotions. I would have loved the movie to give me back all those feelings I found in the book. At the end of the day, it is a story about a normal girl with no superpowers that was turned into a warrior and the symbol of a nation. The way she is trying to cope with all of these is truly heartbreaking.
That is why I am frustrated to see this movie turned into something that is not, just to make it popular. I am talking here about the funny, amusing parts when everyone in the audience was laughing. All of that had no place in the whole story.
So if you haven’t got the chance to see this movie or the whole series for that matter, I highly recommend you read the books first, otherwise you will be missing out on so much.
The Mockingjay
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  1. Anaivilo

    I saw the film on Saturday and I really enjoyed it. I must admit I did not read the books and I don’t plan on to now, because I feel there is no charm left and no mystery (although I sure some stuff are altered and others are missing) In any case… I can’t wait to see the second part!

    And by the way: where did you got that brooch? : D

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