New stuff arrived

New stuff arrived

Yay, we’re so excited. The things we ordered online last month have just arrived. Mostly F21.


S’ stuff (Brian Lichtenberg caution tape tank top):


     Teeny tiny Mulberry for Target denim cross body bag, bought on (pure luck):


E’s stuff (featuring the awesome F21 dotted platform shoes):

Will include these in outfits soon. Stay tuned!
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  1. Ioana Liliana Gheorghe

    I’m going crazy here! Haven’t been on the F21 website in ages, but clearly I had no idea what I’ve been missing. Those accessories!!! It’s really an understatement to say that I need that stag head necklace ASAP, and that Celtic double ring . . And the butterfly necklace. The beauty!!

  2. polkadotsky

    Aww I love EVERYTHING in this post – from Minnie Mouse to that butterfly necklace!!!

    so beautiful and gorgeus!!! The Mulberry bag is beyond cute..

    I’ve never heard of F12..Online shop? hope they post stuff to Europe…. <3

    have a great day, xoxo!!!

  3. Faboulista

    ok i first must say that i cant believe i havent seen your blog till now. actually i think i stumbled upon once but havent realized your full potential till today. i read like crazy through all your posts till the beginining and i must say i am in awe. as i alredy told ioana at fashezine, i can not believe u girls are from romania. from the angles u shoot things, romania is truly shown as a wonderful and beautiful country. I think u girls will become one of romania’s biggest bloggers.u have an amazig potential to be one of the most ispiring bloggers at the moment. I very rarely praise people and put people on my insipirational list but u girls truly deserve it!cant wait to see what else you girls have planned.

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