Not another Christmas wishlist

Not another Christmas wishlist

christmas wishlist 1

It’s time for this year’s Christmas wishlist/gift guide and this time my obsessions revolve around the colours red, lavender and gold, although colour is not the only reason for picking these items. This winter I would really love to wear a lavender sweater and I don’t understand why clothes in this colour are so hard to find. I also crave a full skirt, a pair of red gloves, a massive necklace and a red matte lipgloss; aaand I need a new Iphone case. The perfume, Parlez-moi d’Amour…encore, is the new version of the one I received last year (and I absolutely loved it, it was the only perfume I wore all year). Oh and numbers 6 and 7 are more like dream items..a Vivienne Westwood dress and an iconic orb ring..oh well, maybe one day. So tell me, what  presents would you like to receive this Christmas?
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  1. Nicoleta Parascan

    I can’t wait to find some time to work on my dream wishlist for the blog too, especially since the real one has already been delivered to Santa ^_^

    I’ve also been dreaming about a lavender sweater too, especially a fluffy, cashmere one <3 but I hated all the purple shades I found in stores so far.

    I also love that iPhone case, the red lipstick and the perfume <3

    You deserve all off them, so maybe Santa will hear your wishes!


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